We provide Web application for Event management as a Service (EaaS). Hence however complex event, you plan for your company or you are an event management company looking for a platform, you can rely on WEM India to provide a ready-made application, just with a monthly charge. 


Use technology for an enhanced customer experience


We have an Uber for the sky App ready for use as a Service. The entire flight charter business process is defined as per best practices and customisations is also possible. 

Go Online today with the best ROI


WEM India can modernise your order management system and include Inventory Management, real-time tracking, fleet management and other business processes as per your custom requirement.


We provide Custom Software as a Service, hence only Opex


Why spend money on CRM licences, when you can build a complete bespoke CRM as per your business process and just pay for it as a service.

Be Smart and save costs